1. I have a company in Portugal and would like to set up a visit with the sales department. Do you come to my place?
R.Yes. Our sellers are all over the country and islands (Azores and Madeira).

2. I don’t have a company and I don’t represent one. Can I buy directly to you?
R.No. We are a retail company. You can buy our produtcs in our clients comercial places. Look up for the brands that we represent - Bandeira Benedita®and Orbita®.

3. I’m going to open a new comercial place and need some help to make a good selection of products. Do you help in that manner?
R.Yes. Contact us to set up a visit at our showroom, on our head oce. Another option it would be to set up a meeting at your place with one of our salesman.

4. Do you make deliveries?
R.Yes, whether in Portugal and islands, or another countries.

6. I have a company outside Portugal. Can I become your client?
R.Yes. Currently we export for several countries.

8. What is your schedule?
R. The schedule of the head oce is from 9am to 1pm, and from 3pm to 7pm, from monday to friday. The Cash&Carry from Benedita, Pombal and Porto-Alto, also work on saturdays. To be more accurate conrm all the schedules with us.

9. I have a company. Can I go to one of your Cash&Carry and take the produtcs I need, on time?
R. Yes. If the products you’re looking for are in stock at the moment, on the Cash where you go, you can take the

10. I need some products but can’t find them in the website. Do you have it?
R.The range of products that we work with are not shown completely on the website. Contact us, so we can prepare a proposal with the articles you’re looking for.






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